Restaurant Linen Hire & Laundry Service

We provide Restaurants with a large stock of quality cotton & polyester linen in a wide range of sizes and colours. Our service involves collecting soiled linen from our clients, whilst delivering clean linen at the same time. We are able to deliver up to six times a week depending on requirements. All table & workwear linen is replaced after a period of time to ensure quality is maintained throughout the period of a clients contract. We can also offer a premium bespoke garment choice to suit your needs.

Please contact a member of our sales team on 01545 574 847 or send us an email on to discuss your restaurant’s requirements.



Our Product List



  • Napkins
  • Slips 36 x 36
  • Table Cloth Sizes: 45x45, 54x54, 63x63,
    70x70, 90x90, 70x108, 70x144
  • Circular Tablecloths: 120″ and 130″
  • Waist Aprons
  • Glass Cloths
  • Polishing Cloths
  • Waitors Cloths
  • Hot Towels Fragranced



  • Chefs Jacket (White & Black)
  • Chefs Trousers
  • Butchers Aprons
  • Bib & Waist Aprons
  • Skull Caps
  • Boiler Suits/Tunic Tops
  • Kitchen & Oven Cloths


  • Face Cloths